Headlights and Mods


Headlights, tail lights, body modification, painting work, full respray, Prestige Motorsports Australia does it all! Headlight and tail light modifications do have some restrictions with the brightness and quality of what we can fit legally but with what we can do, we offer a substantial range of modifications that will brighten up your way on your drive!


We have some awesome body modification, paint work and full resprays to really make your car look amazing and give it that real performance feel to it! Even if you're not after that performance look, we offer resprays, paint work and body modification for any car or vehicle that you want!


Bring you vehicle in for a free quote and assessment!

Dent Removal


No matter what vehicle you own we have painless dent removal that will suit you. Our team of specialists are highly trained and can easily remove those annoying eye sores in your vehicle and make it look as great and beautiful as the day you purchased it. No one should have to suffer through dents and blemishes in their car so bring your car down to Prestige Motorsports Australia and let us take care of your car!


Our team is excellent with this sort of thing and, even more so, can work with larger damage to your car or vehicle. Don't hesitate to introduce us to your car and let us fix it up!

New & Used Parts


Prestige Motorsports has a huge range of new and used parts for most makes and models of Japanese performance and standard vehicles, guaranteed to ignite the racer inside you! We also offer people the chance to sell and purchase parts from other sellers on this website with the same idea as you.


These parts are both high quality and used parts, available for those who want the high powered and performance look for their vehicle and for those who want to simply replace parts or keep their vehicle in decent condition with a nice and clean look.


Don't wait, come purchase your parts today!

Smash Repairs


Gotten into an accident and don't know what to do? Thank God for Prestige Motor Sports! We specialise in smash repair and can help save you quite the hassle of having to find a panel shop and forking out that extra cash that you probably don't have. Thanks to our team, you can have peace of mind knowing that our team of professionals are able to build your car for a reasonable price and keep a smile on your face.


We know that smash repair is probably the last thing on your mind and you're probably more interested in purchasing or selling parts but smash repair is an inevitable part of life that can't always be avoided. Whether it was due to someone elses negligence or an accident caused by you or someone else, Prestige Motor Sports is here for you!


Don't hesitate to call us on 02 9726 0505!

About Us

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At Dr.GTR & Prestige Motorsport Australia we are dedicated to providing good quality customer service and workmanship. We provide a variety of services including Smash repairs, New and Used Genuine Parts and Imported cars. Should you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone.

We have many parts in-stock and readily available for most Japanese imports.

Your happiness is our service!


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Dr.GTR is also the home of Prestige Motorsport Australia, one of Sydney's leading Prestige Smash Repairer.


Paintless Dent Removal - Smash Repairs - Touchups - Resprays - Many More.

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